Journeyed 10,000km For Thyroid Surgery

I got to know about Gleneagles Hospital Penang, in Malaysia from my younger brother Chukwuemeka Onwubiko who did his post graduate program in Malaysia. I then visited the hospital from Nigeria to meet with Doctor Khoo who as I learnt from my research on the internet is an expert in thyroid related problems.

After my diagnosis in London Bridge Hospital in the United Kingdom in mid February 2015 and was told that I needed to undergo a surgery to remove a multi-nodular goiter which has inhibited my breathing and swallowing for many years. In early April 2015 I and my sibling Francisca Onwubiko left the shores of Nigeria to travel to Penang, in Malaysia to consult Doctor Khoo Saye Thiam.

After our meeting with Doctor Khoo and the operation done and having just arrived Abuja, Nigeria I can state that I am happy for now to have been through with the procedure and I pray that my current recovery becomes completely successful. I am indeed happy to find a group of hospital workers far away from Nigeria who are so friendly and professional in the ways and manners they attend to their patients. Thank you Doctor Khoo. I will provide further and better narrative soon on the progress of my recovery in Nigeria in line with the prescriptions offered me.

Emmanuel Onwubiko
Professional Journalist/Author and civil Rights activist.