The New Surgery Mark Is Almost Invisible

Hi Doctor,

It has been nearly a month after my inguinal hernia surgery. I could not find words to send my sincere gratitude to you for helping me with the surgery. I was indeed in doubt even before going into the operation theatre. My mind was all over the place, and silly me for thinking that I could never able to run like before. Today, marked the record of finishing 12km Great Eastern run with half walking and half running within 2hr 15min. Even though the timing was not my best, yet I have the confidence now that I will be going miles very soon. I decided to take it easy this time and I stopped lifting weight completely. I will be joining yoga and light pilates class to replace my old workout regime.

Doctor, infinite thanks to you for making me feel better mentally and physically. I should ask you this, where is my past surgery marks? The 20 years old surgical marks is gone and the new surgery mark is almost invisible. I always believe that only gifted people can be a doctor. Today I found the gifted one and he is called as “Dr.Khoo Saye Thiam”.

God bless you doctor and keep helping people. See you when I’m back to Penang for holidays. I have attached my picture with medal after today’s run.

Inba Malar