Case Studies

My Patients’ Real Life Stories

Nothing teaches better than real life stories. Despite the challenges I have had to face sometimes in the operating theatre, I have always found my patients interesting.

Each person is unique with their own story. I have been humbled, honoured and privileged as a surgeon to have helped these patients regain good health. Come back regularly as I’m always adding more stories!

Experienced and Thorough
"He is very thorough and did not want to leave any stone unturned …he suggested a gastrointestinal endoscopic and found that I had gastritis. If not for his thoroughness, I would not have known that I had multiple ulcers in my stomach."
YF Chong

The Rubber Factory Manager

A Tale Of Two Tumours Rubber is collected from trees like this. It all began innocently enough. “Can you take a look at father? He has a lump under his left armpit that’s causing some

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Mr Lim, looking good after surgery.

The Chicken Rice Man

Not all cases of pain in the lower abdomen are due to appendicitis. This is one such story. Chicken rice. For those not from Malaysia or Singapore, chicken rice is a yummy meal of rice

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The Gallstone Bride

“Ouch!” she winced as I gently pressed her abdomen. “Do you think it’s appendicitis….or maybe something to do with my colon…?” Elise Ong looked anxiously at me, searching my face for clues. She spoke with

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The Glass Appendix

Once in a while I encounter a case so bizarre and unusual that it begs to be written. Though much time has elapsed, the details of the case are as fresh in my mind as

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The Lady From The Laundry

This case illustrates some important principles in the treatment of rectal cancer. To learn more, read on! “Do you recognize me?” she asked quietly. I did…..but I could not quite place her. “I was working

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An Unusual Case Of Constipation

One day when I was on call, a patient Mr T was admitted under my care. In his fifties, he complained of abdominal discomfort and inability to open his bowels. Sounds like bowel obstruction ,

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The Abscess That Wasn’t

I first met Madam Ooi in May 2012. She complained of persistent pain in the lower right side of her abdomen. “It’s an abscess….” she was told by her doctor. An abscess is a collection

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A Visitor From Afar

“Nigeria?” My wife looked at me incredulously, eyebrows raised. “Yes, that’s where the email came from!” One could hardly blame her. Every day we hear of email scams from Burkina Faso and other places. Yet,

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To Live!

He had been told he had cancer. “Operate. Or die” Dr Y wore a worried frown as he anxiously sat before me. A middle aged man slightly older than myself, he was dressed simply and

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