Honesty & Compassion

Treating every patient with honesty, kindness and compassion regardless of their backgrounds and needs.

Skilled & Committed

Wholehearted commitment, without compromise, backed by 28 years of experience as a surgeon.

The Good Life

Returning you to good health
so that you can enjoy life once more with your loved ones.

How Do You Choose A Surgeon
When You need One?

When you’re looking for a surgeon, how do you decide which surgeon is
better for you or your loved one?

You’ve read up on laparoscopic surgery.

You probably know a lot more than your doctor. After all, you’ve read and asked enough questions and you know about symptoms and treatments.

At the end of the day, you choose a surgeon because you need someone who is skilled and truly cares. And you want to know if your surgeon will be a friend to guide you as you journey down that frightening, lonely road.

You and I have the same goal.
We want good health for you.

As a surgeon at Lam Wah Ee Hospital Penang, I’ve seen and operated on a fair number of patients – elderly men and women, pregnant mothers, young men and more – in my 26 years of service.

No matter who you are or what your background is, you and I have the same goal.

Our goal is to return you to good health so you can enjoy a fruitful life with your family. No one wants surgery if they can help it but sometimes surgery is the only choice. But if you have to undergo surgery, know that I am on your side, doing my best for you every step of the way.

If you get yourself examined early, you may even have other solutions available. My goal is to help you find the best possible outcomes, with or without surgery.

And I’d like to help you, even if you just suspect you may have a health problem.

Explore my website, read up on my patients’ stories and get more information. And if you have any questions, contact me for a chat at my clinic at Lam Wah Ee Hospital Penang.

Good friends…Dr Khoo (left) with one of his patients, C.S Kuek.