A doctor and a friend who truly cares

…. a doctor and a friend who truly cares and I can only say “thank you”.

I first got to know Mr Khoo more than 10 years back when he was a Consultant Surgeon at Lam Wah Ee Hospital. I was referred by my GP to him to have a lump removed from my breast. Fortunately, it turned out to be benign. I also had a laproscopy and colonoscopy done by him at the same hospital.

Mr Khoo makes it his business to know and remember my medical history. I was a Hep C patient who was treated in 2004 . Subsequent yearly blood tests showed no recurrence of the virus. Cautious as he is, Mr Khoo felt a CT scan of the abdomen should be done periodically to assess the condition of the liver besides whether there were any abnormalities of other organs.

My late father was a colon cancer patient. A few years back, my brother was also diagnosed with colon cancer and it was Mr Khoo who performed the surgery to remove the mass from his colon. I was too much of a coward to go for a colonoscopy and kept procrastinating despite repeated reminders by Mr Khoo. One day I plucked up courage and knocked on the door of his clinic. A colonoscopy was done in May 2015 and there was a polyp on the colon which was removed. Fortunately it was a benign growth.  However, if left unremoved it might have become cancerous. I felt a sense of gratitude to Mr Khoo for his insistence on my getting the colonoscopy done. He was more concerned about saving a life through early detection. I would also like to mention that at the scope centre he kept assuring me that all will be fine as I was shivering with fear.

Mr Khoo, you are a doctor and a friend who truly cares and I can only say “thank you”.

Juliana Yeoh