A Thousand Thanks to The Guardian of My Life

Yes, it is me again.

In June 2017 I had a perforation of my bowel causing serious inflammation inside my abdomen. Luckily I met Mr Khoo who created a colostomy which was reversed in October 2017. With his superb skill and professional experience, I managed to recover in 6 months to regain my normal life.

In November 2019, my big gallstone (13-17mm) was stuck at the neck of my gallbladder. My gallbladder became swollen causing me much pain and discomfort.
The 1st name that came to my mind was the Guardian of my life Mr Khoo Saye Thiam.
After his detailed explanation of the procedure, we proceeded with a laparoscopic operation to remove the gallbladder. The procedure was carried out successfully on 27 November and Mr Khoo spent more than 1 hour at the same time removing all the adhesions of my intestines formed after the previous surgery.

My gallstone

I managed to recover on time to enjoy my year end holiday in Taiwan 2 weeks later.  Once again a thousand thanks to the Guardian of my life Mr Khoo Saye Thiam.

Yeoh Joo Yam