Pure Magic…His Priority is to Serve His Patients

With Dennis O’Brien and his lovely wife Maresca

I was diagnosed with a hernia of the abdomen muscle so I started my research to find the best Laparoscopy Surgeon in Malaysia.

I was diagnosed in The Philippines but the Surgeon just told me they would make 3 holes in my abdomen!! Further information was very little forthcoming.

I put in effort looking for this Surgeon in Malaysia and my patience was rewarded by finding Mr. Khoo Saye Thiam.

I found out he is practising at Lam Wah Ee Hospital, which is a non-profit hospital. I was assisted by one of our office colleagues to make an appointment. She was able to speak directly to Mr Khoo!!!
I knew instinctively this Surgeon was not in it for money (unlike other hospitals in Penang) and had the humility to allow us to call him on his H/P.

My first meeting with Mr Khoo was pure magic, his priority is to serve his patients. He went into great detail to tell me step by step about the procedure, even pictures on his computer.

My wife and I were very confident and agreed to the operation. During the first visit we had to deal with hospital staff, registering etc. They dealt with me with respect and kindness. We were to learn during admission that all the staff that we had contact with were also respectful and kind. The staff looking after room 315 were very mindful of my age and some tensions so they made it lighthearted in a very professional way. Mr Khoo also visited to see all is well. When I woke after the anaesthetic I was making a noise where am I etc. They did not tell me to shut up but said they will take me to Room 315 as soon as they can which they did.

I hadn’t been in a hospital overnight for 60 years so of course I was a bit nervous. I had no reason to as all the staff in Lam Wah Ee were so professional and respectful.

You cannot leave without paying the bill and we paid it knowing Lam Wah Ee is truly a non-profit hospital.

During recovery at home my wife could connect with Mr Khoo directly if any problems. Within 2 weeks I could do most things independently and was feeling good. After 4 weeks I feel years younger and can run like an athlete and that is amazing as I am 74 yrs old !!

I will never forget what Mr Khoo and the Lam Wah Ee team did for me !!

Dennis H O’Brien
(UK origins) 
Resident of Malaysia


Mr O’Brien was promised a 3 port hernia repair but had a Single port hernia repair – everything done through a single 2cm incision!