Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Thyroid Surgery Reimagined!

Each Patient Is Precious & Unique

These days, we have a whole new approach when dealing with patients with thyroid gland problems.

Endoscopic Thyroidectomy is a new approach to thyroid surgery because it does away with unsightly scars in the neck. You will be put on General Anaesthesia – you are unconscious during this procedure.

Using keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery techniques where a scope is inserted with instruments, either from the front of the chest wall or the armpit (axilla) to remove all or part of your thyroid gland.

You may have all or part of your thyroid gland removed. If you are undergoing thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer, your lymph nodes around your thyroid may be removed as well.

The operation is carried out with special instruments using a camera to guide the surgeon. At the end, the thyroid gland (part or whole) is removed through one of the incisions. You’ll have a small drain in the wound which will be removed after a few days. The entire operation is done under General Anaesthesia – you are unconscious during this procedure.

Advantages of Endoscopic Thyroidectomy

  • No unsightly scars in the neck
  • Less sore throat after surgery
  • Just as safe as the open procedure
  • You can continue wearing clothes with low necklines
    No one will know you have had aa thyroid operation!

You will be admitted on the day of surgery and stay for about 2 days in the hospital. However, let me be clear that not all cases are suitable for endoscopic thyroidectomy. Some cases are better done using conventional thyroid surgery. I always carefully assess each patient individually before offering this procedure.


If you are interested in the possibility of this procedure, do make an appointment to see me so that I can do a thorough assessment.

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