Case Studies

My Patients’ Real Life Stories

Nothing teaches better than real life stories. Despite the challenges I have had to face sometimes in the operating theatre, I have always found my patients interesting.

Each person is unique with their own story. I have been humbled, honoured and privileged as a surgeon to have helped these patients regain good health. Come back regularly as I’m always adding more stories!

Experienced and Thorough
"He is very thorough and did not want to leave any stone unturned …he suggested a gastrointestinal endoscopic and found that I had gastritis. If not for his thoroughness, I would not have known that I had multiple ulcers in my stomach."
YF Chong

Laparoscopic Colon Surgery for Obstructed Tumour

Laparoscopic surgery for colon (large bowel) cancer has many, many advantages over conventional open surgery. Less pain, smaller scars, faster recovery and from the surgeon’s point of view, sometimes much clearer views enabling more complete

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The Flying Goitre

I first met Mr Syed Maktum in 2004. A good looking tall man of 42 with great poise, he came bearing a letter from his doctor about a thyroid swelling. He wore a worried look

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colon cancer and polyp removal

Cancer In The Colon

Madam T was a 78 year old Chinese lady who was referred to me with blood in her stools. She also had diabetes, high blood pressure and had previously suffered a stroke. When I met

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The Mooncake

As I sat in my clinic staring at the newspaper, the phone suddenly rang. It was the Accident & Emergency Unit, and they had an accident case for me. The voice at the other end

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